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“We deliver end to end supply chain solutions for major industries and committed to provide comprehensive logistics services to the industrial companies”

Our experiences to handle global shipments by door-to-door from major aerospace manufacturers has enabled us to gain a very critical knowledge and learning how to manage super-time-sensitive shipment for the aerospace industry including the AOG service that requires a guaranteed 24 hours delivery from anywhere in the world. The expertise in managing a precise and guaranteed lead-time, plus an integrated system that enables customers to manage their in-transit inventory efficiently and on real time, are the key success factors for this industry.

Dealing with government and military industry anywhere in the world usually requires expertise on dealing productively with the bureaucracies, which includes lobbying expertise. Those great experiences have given us a unique competency with such circumstances. Our products meet or exceed all Government and Military standards, and feature the highest standards of excellence.

For many years, our dedicated staffers also had experience in handling food & beverage industry shipments, including refrigerated shipments. Consolidation of existing routes into a single multi-temperature delivery to improve service, reduce costs and improve supplier performance.

Serving the apparel & footwear industry is another of our expertise’s over the years. We offer a door-to-door service for some retail companies including domestic distribution to their stories in major cities in Indonesia right from their overseas warehouses.

Our services are compatible for high-tech clients to reduce inventories, lower distribution costs and speed up the introduction of new products. In addition, we are able to reduce supply chain difficulty by offering end-to-end supply chain visibility to its customers.

Dealing with natural resources, mining and energy customers requires a unique competency and capacity as these customers are normally in remote areas. These customers require a comprehensive network both for global sourcing and domestic distribution for shipments to their sites in the remote areas. For Energy industry we provide our customers to manage logistics strategy across site areas, including order management, transportation, distribution and supply chain.

We are providing integrated logistics services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We work with some of the world’s leading companies, and with other clients in related industries like medical equipment, personal care, and infant formula categories. 

About Us


We provide our services through innovation and modern technology as we move towards our goal of being a world-class logistics company


Accommodate world-class Logistics services and products by dedicated and professional specialists in support of our customers


Our philosophy is to treat our customers as our long-term business partners. Provide them with real value added that aims to improve business process and finally to increase financial bottom line for both side. The main targets are providing logistics and supply chain solution that create cost reduction to customers and improve their logistic business process. A business solution should be able to create value to customers and should lead to provide a competitive advantage for the customer for a long term. To match with our philosophy, we use Information Technology as one of the key enabler factor.


MATS INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA (MII) previously named as MATS EXPRESS, was founded in 1990. Over years, we built and expanded our worldwide networks through strategic partnership with dedicated global and domestic partners, which allows us to reach virtually every corner of the Earth to serve our customers.

Since year 2000, we reshaped and refocused our core business from freight forwarding business to be a global logistics and supply chain solution providers for our customers.

Knowledge, expertise, experience, customized service, global network and passion of service are the major ingredients of our service that allows us to offer a truly global logistics solution for your logistic tasks.

Today, MII is well acknowledged as one of the key player in nationwide logistics industry, which leads in providing solutions to the customers.

Product & Solution

We offer Integrated Services Product

If your company makes a product from parts purchased from suppliers, and those products are sold to customers, then you have a supply chain. Some supply chains are simple, while others are rather complicated. The complexity of the supply chain will vary with the size of the business and the intricacy and numbers of items that are manufactured. We offer our customers with supply chain services that vary in detail and requirements to meet the suitable warehouse network and transportation solution based on their service levels.


We focus on improving profit margin for our customers, either by reducing costs, or by facilitating revenue growth. We have a strong record of successful project delivery. Almost of our business comes from previous customers, with around half of the remainder coming from referrals and recommendations.  This retention record reflects the strong partnerships that we develop with our customers. We focus on improving profit margin for our customers, either by reducing costs, or by facilitating revenue growth.

Our airfreight products have been designed to meet the logistics requirement of our customers. We constantly strive to expand and improve our services to ensure that we are always being one step ahead of the competition.

Our sea freight specialists ready to help our customers find the right solution, customized to meet each requirement. Any size of our customer’s business and located anywhere; we will be able to meet your requirements, along with the best rates to ensure value.

We offering a variety of full truckload freight transport and shipping services to a broad range of industries and we also provide more flexible services through partnerships with leading carriers.

Navigate the challenging requirements of international shipping regulations with a simple and effective customs compliance strategy for any industry. Overall supply chain visibility is essential for paying the right amount of tariffs, duties, and declared values. Utilize customs brokerage specialists to help you conform to existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing customs compliance laws. With all the variables and challenges of a global marketplace, a streamlined approach to your customs clearance strategy means less risk, fewer errors and reduced costs. We also provide innovative risk solutions by selecting the best of our brokerage, administrative, recovery and claims expertise to meet your insurance cargo requirements.

We provide the Inter Island service that enabling our customers to forward their shipments regionally throughout Indonesia’s archipelago with most reliable shipping service. Our service accepts your shipment from small packages to large project machinery.

Solution offered

Inbound logistics is an integral element of business operations for a manufacturing company, involving the processes of receiving, storing and distributing raw materials for use in production. Our inbound logistics services cover all activities required to bring goods from a sourcing location to a warehouse, a value-added storage facility, or production plant. This service includes all the necessary management of these goods once they have arrived on-site. Our inbound logistics solution delivers high customer performance at an efficient operational cost and decreases inventory processing time, leading to an increase in value recovery. Overall, we offers you significant cost reduction and service improvement benefits.

We provides innovative solutions and creative routing options to deliver your shipment to all regions of the world, our dedicated and experienced teams are ready to handle the challenges for your specialized project logistics requirements. Projects throughout the years have become more complicated, but we keep offer the competitive solutions tailored to your needs.

Our returns management solutions simplify the returns process for retailers and manufacturers that want to improve service parts management and the value of returned assets. We manage the end-to-end process. We help ensure our customers have a positive and easy-to-maneuver returns experience. By leveraging our globally integrated supply chain infrastructure, technology and operating expertise, we have streamlined returns management operations.

China Procurement solution is designed to handle and coordinate all your outsourcing and procurement needs, in China. We will ensure our service provides quality products, fast response, and reliable supply, at competitive costs. We also provide a full range of services that manage and control each step of the supply chain until delivered to your door (within Indonesia area).

Say Hello to Our DNA

Cost Reduction Program (CRP)

With over 17 years of experiences in the logistics industry have enabled us to help our customers to reduce their total logistics costs through a holistic end-to-end logistics solution in their supply-chain management process.

We help our customers to manage their supply-chain process worldwide. Our global designer and expert engineers help them to design the best supply-chain business process that reduces cycle time and variability while increasing reliability, visibility and control while continuously improving their supply-chain performance and bottom-line returns.

Inventory Cost Reduction (ICR)

We offer a guaranteed lead-time and just in time delivery that enables customers to control their procurement process accurately and precisely within the supply-chain process. By leveraging our global and regional network, our customers are able to enjoy reliable and improved transit times, increased visibility and better control over their transit inventory that will reduce their overall inventory cost.

Improvement in overall lead-time and just in time delivery for your logistics performance is not just a promise, but it is our business commitment.


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  • Latest Track Live Facility from MII

    Recently, MII created an advanced, unique and much friendly tools for customer to track and trace their shipment. Customers are given 3 options to trace the shipment i.e. (1) Via Mats' website, (2) Via "push Email" and (3) Via SMS in his/her Cellular Phone.

    The first option is where the customer can trace the shipment through MII website (www.mii.biz.id), in a very simple an friendly way by just keying in either one of 3 "key words" they are: PO number, BL number or container number.

    The second option is where the customer can monitor his/her shipment by sending email to our track live center at: tracklive@mii.biz.id, in a few second, our system will automatically respond to the customer email pertaining the updated status of the shipment, including the history of the shipment. Through this system, upon request basis, MII on daily basis (or whenever the customer agreed to have it), can also provide and push an automatic email to the customer's email address updating the latest status of each shipment.

    The third option which we believe Mast Logistics is the first one that offer in the industry, is where customer gets update of every movement/activities of its shipment right into his/her cellular phone via short message service (SMS). This facility will help the customer to be able to monitor his/her shipment right into his/her fingertips, whenever and wherever they are.

    For further information and to get this facility ready for you, please contact our customer center at +62 21 319 22068 or through email at: info@mii.biz.id


IT-driven solution is always our approach in managing our customers‚ logistics needs. Internally we developed our own in-house holistic ERP system called OFAS (one-for-all system) that aims to facilitate sophisticated logistics and supply chain needs including: e-business, PO management, track and tracing system, vendor management, inventory system, etc. This system is backed up and always upgraded with the latest software program designs.

Our PO management system that is integrated in our OFAS enables our customers to manage, track and trace their shipments on real time on the Web. Real-time shipment status is updated through automatic e-mailings or direct to the customers‚ cellular phone numbers.

Login to OFAS, please click HERE

Press Report


Aerospace Logistics Services

18 October 2014 - By MII media

  • MATS INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA specializes in providing value added services specifically encompassing the needs of aerospace industries. Through years of experience in handling aerospace manufacturers, various supporting companies and several local airline companies as well. We have experiences handling aircraft manufacturers global sourcing that spreads across the globe, consists of raw materials and spare parts, and has given us a unique expertise within the related industries.

    Lead-time guarantee and cost reduction program is the key performance indicator to measure a logistics provider in this industry. Having an extensive and efficient global network around the globe are another key factors that has enable us to be one of the key logistics provider for the aerospace industries.
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